If I could pick one thing to have happen to me everyday for the rest of my life it would be to laugh at something really funny.

I don’t just mean laugh, I mean to really laugh. To laugh so hard that I cry, that my stomach muscles feel like I’m doing a thousand crunches and to not be able to stop. That type of laughter. Oh, and to be able to have someone to share that with.

Laughing with someone makes it one hundred times better. I feel like it kind of makes a better friendship or relationship when you can laugh with someone.

I really value that in a person, someone who can make me laugh. Not to say that doesn’t make it a do or die quality for a friendship or a relationship, but it’s like that added bonus.

Laughter, to me, is a beautiful thing. I went through some really sad times a while back, and I remember that when something would happen that was so funny, and I’d laugh so hard, for that short moment all the sadness kind of went away. I felt happy and it kind of helped me see that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that I can get back to feeling happy for longer than just a few minutes or however long it was.

It’s strange, I guess. But I always loved it, and times like that made me appreciate these small things so much more.


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